More than anything in my brief time being exposed to the Autism community is the amazing people that I have come across. Many of these people I haven’t met, but have reached out to me via this blog or in other ways. I have been overwhelmingly been welcomed and been given advice by people I would have not otherwise met. Just recently I saw a posting in a local Mommies chat group on Facebook of someone asking for help as their child was just diagnosed as on the spectrum and had no idea what to do next. The outpouring of support and comments was so wonderful to see.

When your child is diagnosed with Autism there isn’t a handbook or list of things to do next, and sifting through all of the information between ABA/IBI, Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, and IEP‘s is overwhelming. I noticed that one of the people who commented relayed her experience with her 4 year old daughter, and since he daughter was a similar age, I sent her a private message to ask her a few questions. M was so warm and understanding, and after exchanging a couple of messages, she offered to meet me for coffee to go over everything that happened with her daughter. This was a complete stranger that recognized exactly what I was feeling and was so kind to share her experience.

I met M for coffee and we talked for TWO HOURS! I have never met this person before, but she brought along all of her daughter’s forms and the process that she went through after diagnosis and it really was eye opening and information that likely would have taken me much longer to figure out on my own. I will be forever grateful to M for meeting with me, and I hope that one day I can pass the torch to someone else who might be in my shoes down the road.


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