Halloween and Celebrating Small Victories


Halloween was a few days ago. And if I am being honest, I was looking forward to it and dreading it a the same time. I was looking forward to trick or treating but also worried that Halloween might be too much for her. I know that she can be sensitive to certain sounds and lights, so I avoided any house that had even somewhat scary decorations just in case. Her costume for daycare was a cowgirl (jeans, a plaid shirt, boots) and a cowboy hat – which I am very glad I purchased for $2 at the Dollar store because she never wore it. Of course, go figure she has been putting it on since Halloween (toddlers and their logic…haha). Her costume for the evening was a monkey (hence her nickname) which I purchased off a local buy/sell page for $5. I did not want to commit to spending any more on a costume that I wasn’t even sure she would wear.

While she didn’t like the process of getting into the monkey costume, once she was in it and saw herself in the mirror she was smitten (and making hilarious funny faces at herself). Sometimes Halloween for children on the spectrum can be a bit much – maybe they don’t want to wear a costume, or they don’t want to give eye contact and ask for candy, or they are non-verbal and may seem miserable but they are actually having the time of their lives. We started at a few houses, and I had to prompt her to say “trick or treat”, “thank you” and “Happy Halloween”. One benefit to someone with echolalia is that after a few houses, she was golden. She absolutely loved it and would smile with anticipation at every door and she melted hearts with every “Happy Halloween” as she was leaving. We had a really great night, and while we were only out for 30 minutes, I was so proud of my little girl and excited that she was having a great time.

Other families might not even blink over this, but I consider it a huge victory and one that I should celebrate. I can’t wait until next year 🙂


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